Dear Diary

12. tammi, 2019

When we talked about doing this in january 2018, I didn't have any clue how much problems there could be to create a 10 min long shortfilm. 4-5 scripts what were based of a quotes of old horror movies took a while to write. When the time came to start getting people around it, same time when people came, people left and i got laughed a lot in facebook casting pages for subject of this project. But i didn't gave up and knew that i gonna find right people to do it and i still give a lot of respect for those who stayed. Thank you!

Preparing the sets was a nightmare. I almost burned the place causing a fire by huge stagelight, what started to flame on the ceiling. Lots of heavy coffins were hard to carry around of hundred fragile skulls. I literally were in the hardware store everyday to get something what i needed and i lived on the sets 9 hours a day planning and building the scenes alone or with my set decorator. Still i did my dayjob at the sametime. This one night was raining and security guard locked me in the area, so i started laughing and i felt hopeless and tired.

Shooting day on the shop.. my assistant director left the project at 6am for unknown reason, what was a bad setback for me and i still needed 2 actors like 6 hours before shootings. I called people at the same time, when i was buying bovine blood for the sets and vegan "meatish" food for miia's flesh eating scene (what actually is barely seen in the backround of "join us" scene ). Roni was supposed to be a stillphotographer and documentary maker, but he agreed to do the Doge part, because the first actor for the part refused to come and the second actor was way too far to be on time. Shootings took 13 hours in the shop and in the end almost all the fuses burned and everyone were so tired on that monday midnight. Only what i regret was i couldn't use my fog machines on the sets for insurance reasons. Still being a Runner also, I droved half of the crew on their homes and Sami drove the rest of them. I were at home about 3 am and lost 2 kilos on that day by carrying 13 kilos heavy steadycam whole day, but i was satisfied, lovely nightmare was over. Still i am so grateful to my Gaffer Wille, main actor Siri who really make herself to cry in that one scene, makeup artist Silja, my bro Roni, camera assistant Jussi, lovely vampira Miia, talented mr. Nosferatu AKA Tomi, slapbass Jesse, Amon and his girl who took the victim role (of course the first actor didn't show up and didn't answer any phonecalls) and of course the main devil Sami who also took care of the catering for the crew. They all had a long day. Thank you everyone for being in my first feature!

Only easy day was shooting the beginning in Renko. Took about 3 hours and we had a lot of footage, but we cut it very short for editing progress. Also shooting in the parking lot scenes took about 6 hours without a bigger problems. Only hunger and heatwave were nasty.

After the summer we started editing progress, what took 4 months. Yeah, can you imagine? My main man in cinematography Jussi who shot the drone scenes too, did a long progress in the editing room. First of all, the problem was to make it look an old vhs, without using "old tape" style softwares what are way too.. prominent fakeish? Also we checked a lot of -80's vhs subtitles styles to create a samekind for this. 

One problem was that we shot the film without sound. Reason for this was simple, we didn't have a proper microphone back then, so i had to record all the actors from Helsinki to Tampere. In the end i almost had em all, but only few lines were still needed, so i got help by most kind african photographer who recorded them for me. After all for being a "-70's exploitation film", voice-overs belongs to it, right?

From the film school times, i had a great classmate composer Lauri and I asked him to do the beginning and ending score for the film. Awesome work and just how i wanted it. If you need a composer, check TAIVO music productions.

When the time came to release this, i had a meeting with a poster artist few weeks before christmas. Poster was important for this, because it advertises the shop and not only my film (and of course i wanted a poster of my first feature on my livingroom wall). Sadly the first poster artist got too busy and i had to find another one in a tight schedule. New artist was so nice person and did impressive work just in a few days, despite she was a bit of ill at the time because of flu.

Well, here was the story about it. There is lot of "making of" footage, so we are making a "Behind the scenes" documentary about it. For the people who was in this project and for those who wants to see how 8 min shortfilm took 9 months to make with approximate 700 euros budget.

What did i learn about my indie project, reminds me of what James Cameron said;

"i want take you to the world of of cold, darkness and unrelenting pressure. The movie business".

Can't wait for the next project!


28. joulu, 2018

 It was unbearable hot day in 2014 when i decided to start bbfilms, thought it had no name back then. Name came later from that place where i was living, sunny bay (Aurinkolahti) reads on the map in East Helsinki. Way back in the past, when there was only harbor and boys on the docks, it was called Black Bay and i just took it from there. Sounded pretty neat, short, international and it always gives home vibes to me. It took few years until i got it on register, for doing couple b-camera gigs in PSA ad's at my friend's company. Althought i didn't send invoice for it, i got lunch and two Super 8mm filmrolls for the job, so i was more than a pleased for it, despite the fact that someone smashed my car door into boomerang while we were on the shootings, it didn't bother me much.

 When BBF (someone said bestboyfriend once) became alive in a little silence, it was a kickstart for my old passion in photography and cinematography, what i've always wanted to do. Then I bought tv-production camera, custom made dollytracks, smokemachines etc.. and all the sudden my storage was full of stuff. I felt a bit insecure and excited. In this year i did my first two shortfilms and both of them were heaven and hell at the sametime. All the problems what can be in the filmset, i had them but still i loved it, even the results always could have been better, but you have to start somewhere. Well, now I'm here, i took my first step and let's see where is the next one. -K