28. joulu, 2018

Lets rewind this tape..

 It was unbearable hot day in 2014 when i decided to start bbfilms, thought it had no name back then. Name came later from that place where i was living, sunny bay (Aurinkolahti) reads on the map in East Helsinki. Way back in the past, when there was only harbor and boys on the docks, it was called Black Bay and i just took it from there. Sounded pretty neat, short, international and it always gives home vibes to me. It took few years until i got it on register, for doing couple b-camera gigs in PSA ad's at my friend's company. Althought i didn't send invoice for it, i got lunch and two Super 8mm filmrolls for the job, so i was more than a pleased for it, despite the fact that someone smashed my car door into boomerang while we were on the shootings, it didn't bother me much.

 When BBF (someone said bestboyfriend once) became alive in a little silence, it was a kickstart for my old passion in photography and cinematography, what i've always wanted to do. Then I bought tv-production camera, custom made dollytracks, smokemachines etc.. and all the sudden my storage was full of stuff. I felt a bit insecure and excited. In this year i did my first two shortfilms and both of them were heaven and hell at the sametime. All the problems what can be in the filmset, i had them but still i loved it, even the results always could have been better, but you have to start somewhere. Well, now I'm here, i took my first step and let's see where is the next one. -K