Horror Shop- the movie

I had a chat with the owner of Horror Shop at Konala, when i graduated from film school. I talked about a commercial short film, really -80s style campy horror what would look-alike really old and used early -80's VHS tape. It took a long time to finally made the film with a great film crew, what i got by asking friends and spreading the word as much i could.
A great composer who was my classmate, made a really awesome Twin Peaks style intro and -Ed Wood stylish score for the "exploitation film" ending scenes, with a drop of Jaws theme too. Dialogues and characters are mostly references from old horror movies, because i wanted to respect them in my own way. Can you identify them all? I hope you enjoy the film.

Test photo of Crazy Johnny's character.
Original is from The Night Of The Living Dead, where Russell Streiner played a Johnny named character.

The idea what the title should look like, came from The Thing 1982. We added some vape steam to make it look like hell fire. Practical stuff beats digital when retro is the point.

Amazing Pazuzu makeup from The Exorcist, what our makeup fx professional Silja made for herself for a one second scene.

Our gaffer Wille is spraying plastic chains, about a week before shootings.

Results are movie magical

Lair sets. That coffin for a infant was a creepy and i had in my script a scene where there would be a sound of child crying inside of it, but in the end i thought it was a bit tasteless and not gonna work for the humorous campy scene.

My own resting place for making notes for the script, while we were building the sets a week before shootings.

Planning a set for Nosferatu's appearance.

Test shooting

Dolly tracks for the dragging scene a day before shootings. It was a difficult for the lightning, because i wanted a green light to the characters, pipes on the ceiling and to the wall so the characters shadows would be seen. 3-4 light stands in this thin corridor all around the tracks. Took few hours to create it and lots of test shootings.

Preparing for introduce the Doge character. I was on top of that same industrial cart, while i was wearing a steadycam in the scene where the girl runs through the corridor and our B-camera man Jussi pushed me forward.

Planning camera movement with Jussi for introduce the scene of Doge character. In the first draft, the Cannibal dogman was a mixed creature of Gollum, Hills Have Eyes villains and creature from Descent movie.

Actor who played Crazy Johnny and Doge is testing Slapping Quosimodo's clothing

Doge makeup getting developed. Actor Roni was covered by finnish traditional easter food "mämmi". It was a easter time when we shot this and all the stores was full of that hideous porridge.

The (Blair) Witch. I liked those little details on her. Like bird's legs and feathers on her head. So cool. We decided that witch should look like ancient creature.

Doges pants getting some real bovine blood.

Some serious preparing for the corridor scene. She had harness under her jacket, so he really drag her.. but not from the neck anyways. It worked really well and took only 4 takes.

There was guys ready to grab the girl, when she is being thrown into the "lair" room. One of them was actor who was playing Slapping Quosimodo before his scenes.

9 meters of dolly tracks were used for the dragging scene

Leatherface aka Bob The Greeter and (Blair) Witch having a break under the hangman's noose.

Directing the Nosferatu's speech scene, where is quote from Edgar Allan Poe's "Raven".

Preparing to shoot with Miia and Sami.

Middle of the heatwave summer, when we shot the exterior scenes.

Getting ready

Took 5-6 takes

Thumbs up, back to the real world from horror shop.

Happy customer.

I had to jump down there and climb up for getting that jacket many times. But indeed we had lots of fun.

Talking about parking scene.