We decided to make a Film noirish shortfilm what is loosely based on the song by Samae Koskinen.
We had in mind that Fox will be 2 or 3 part trilogy, what will be 30 minutes long story altogether. We left few unanswered scenes in here on purpose, so different characters will continue this story to the end.

Fox on the run

On the set with our double "bob" on the ground

Finding shooting location for the last scene, what afterall came to be the first scene of the film.

Main character testing clothes for the role. Shoes are not for the role..

First day of shooting.

First set for the driving scenes.

Shooting the driving scene.

Trunk scene. Took 30 minutes for a 5 seconds scene.

I choosed to shoot in this location, because in the next 2 years that whole place is going to be full of new apartments. So I wanted that the local audience will remember how it was in the future.

Second day of shooting.

I'm having a break between shots with our Canadian actor, who is playing the main gangster.

B-camera man, myself and the main characters when we finished the shooting in Sompasaari.